We make projects. A­cross all bor­ders and cul­tures. We de­li­ver your inno­vation, bring­ing your change to your or­gani­sation. Every­where ne­ces­sary, internally and ex­tern­ally.


ADP values ex­ce­llent project me­tho­do­logy, since 1999. Our con­sul­tants au­gment this with signi­fi­cant ex­peri­ence, professional and individual.


We con­nect your team mem­bers and com­mu­ni­cate at all levels, with passion and dedication.


This all pro­vides the co­herent structure ne­ce­ssary to lead your project, to come out on top and achieve your objectives.


Project Management


Access our consulting expertise. Enable your projects. When and where it suits your strategy best. Successfully initiate your projects with ADP. Then ensure that it delivers the anticipated value.


Every ADP Consultant...


is well educated and possess proven experience in consulting as well as subject matter expertise, amassed predominantly from market leaders.


onboards themselves quickly and is therefore productive from day one.


acts with the clear purpose to enable you and your objectives.



Comprehensive knowledge of branches, accumulated over many years. As an apt partner, we facilitate your project deliveries so that they have the intended impact. We are familiar with the business objectives and associated challenges, in particluar in the Financial Services branch, from banking to insurance and in the Life Science industry, from pharma to medical technology.


There follow a number of projects and the clients for whom we have delivered projects. With success and significant benefit for all.




Products, made by ADP

Not only do our consultants facilitate your projects, we also have Probox. Probox simplifies existing project methodology, lowering the barriers to acceptance by teams and other stakeholders, and strengthening communication. Probox also makes use of a mobile app to provide an effective contemporary communication channel.





The Probox app simplifies communication in your projects enormously. Selected stakeholders receive project information via a modern and accepted channel: smart phone or tablet.


The base is formed by the Probox model, the quintessence of project management. A simple and pragmatic tool which provides you with a powerful way of organising your project.


More? Try for yourself!



About us

ADP is making history. For almost 20 years. There are currently about 10 of us. We are all motivated by the depth and insights that consulting has allowed us to gather, mainly in financial services, but also other branches.


We are your competent business partner. We understand the four pillars of project management: people; organisation; process and technology.

Since 1999

ADP's Milestones

Additional information about our history...


ADP was founded in Zurich in 1999 as «adp Analyse, Design und Programmierung GmbH». Its purpose: the provision of consultants' know-how to clients in diverse branches in Switzerland. The focus was on large IT-projects and included coding of complex applications.


Experience showed us that fundamental knowledge of the branch is key to the success of our endeavours. From this point on we started educating ourselves specifically in these branches. 


We start to augment our offering of solution consulting with project consulting and management consulting. With this we serve mainly the financial services branch, providing banking solutions. To align we rename ourselves «ADP Analyse Design Planung».


Our partners concur with our voiced intention to grow. We consequently start to expand our service offering by recruiting experienced consultants. Regular attendance of working groups and panels also serve to improve our abilities.


We start providing a growing number of interested parties with our internal project model. We develop the product further and start promoting it separately to our consulting services.


The development of our project model receives a name: Probox. We start to develop features to improve engagement and communications. 


The features of our project model are extended to an app. The Probox app forms the quintessence of our project model. The app is now available for mobile devices. Try for yourself here!



Characteristics of a consultant

An ADP consultant provides our clients with tangible added value. They apply their ability and knowledge to the project objectives and are skilled in their field of speciality. Our clients experience our consultants as experts. Excellence in the required area of competency is ensured. Experise has been gathered in similar projects and taken from numerous training courses.


To apply this expertise a consultant exhibits the following personal characteristics:

Brilliant communication skills

Curiosity and readiness to continously learn

The ability to work efficiently under preasure

An analytical and logical mindset


Grow with us!

ADP is an expanding consulting firm. We offer our clients services such as supervision and leadership of business projects. As well as leading projects, we ensure the success of our clients' changes, transitions, transformations and process reengineering.

Our success is based on our people: on the right people. In order to carry out further demanding and exciting client projects we are looking for permanent employees who understand our consulting principles.


Your Career with us


Thank you for your interest.

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