Ein Projektportfolio muss die Unternehmensstrategie unterstützen und entsprechend gesteuert werden. Für diese Steuerung ist die einheitliche Projektabwicklung von grosser Bedeutung.

Unser Senior Projektleiter Philip Langer übernimmt dabei eine wesentliche Rolle beim Aufbau der zentralen Projekt Governance für die Steigerung der Maturität im Projekt Management bei einer grossen Schweizer Pensionskasse ein. In einem Ausbauschritt ist die Ergänzung um ein zentrales Prozess Management geplant.

Besten Dank Philip für dein vorbildliches Engagement!


Eine klare Struktur, rasche Auffindbarkeit und folglich tiefe Klickzahlen sind essenzielle Voraussetzungen, um den Nutzen für die Besucher der Webseiten der öffentlichen Verwaltungen hochzuhalten.

Unter diesen Aspekten führte unsere Projektleiterin Alexandra Kartaschoff, im Auftrag des Kunden, eine Erhebung einer Webseite der öffentlichen Verwaltung durch. Die daraus entwickelte Anforderungsanalyse und Systemarchitektur, sind nun Grundlagen für die künftigen Weiterentwicklungen der Webseiten.


OpenBanking hat das Potential die Finanzdienstleistungsindustrie nachhaltig zu verändern und neue Geschäftsmodelle zu etablieren, die bestehende Marktteilnehmer stark unter Druck setzen werden.

Durch unseren Senior-Projektleiter Harald Bader wirkt die ADP an der Umsetzung dieser Initiative in verantwortlicher Position bei der St. Galler Kantonalbank AG mit.


ADP’s Senior Consultant, Philip Langer, is leading a key project to achieve increases in efficiency and cost savings via digital processes for a Swiss pension fund client. This involves management of third parties, change and stakeholder management, and calls upon Philip’s excellent skillset. Sincere thanks, Philip, for your high level of dedicated engagement.


Digital Information is the gold of our days, especially in the financial services sector. Access to this asset needs to be protected in a way that balances the needs of operations but also information security. In his role as Agile Product Manager, our partner and senior project lead Harald Bader, plays a key role for our client in enabling them to get the best out of their Identity & Access Management processes. He continuously refines and optimises the IAM processes, raises and assesses new requirements and manages the development of the existing applications.


Our acting partner, Richard Ginnow, is leading teams throughout Switzerland for a complex client program. Virtual presence increases this challenge. The program is to migrate and consolidate various Swiss social insurance systems into a new, single system. Delivery will ensure that the population of Switzerland continues to receive insurance payments, including AHV, IV and EO/MSE. Richard and his teams of course adhere strictly to all hygiene regulations. Richard, sincere thanks for your unfailing and exemplary commitment!


The importance of digital interfaces for banking customers continues to increase significantly, and this without considering Covid-19. As part of their drive to increase market share, our client therefore requested the help of our partner, Harald Bader. Harald is evaluating third party providers’ ability to optimise usability and innovation within our corporate client’s e-banking application.


Future IT services must be seamless and efficient. This is the key strategy that our Life Sciences client is following. Significant process re-engineering is necessary to achieve this. Changes are required at all levels. These range from simply establishing single points of contact through to complex changes such as centralisation of ownership and process consolidation.

ADP’s senior project leader Philip Langer, is running the stream for the latter two topics. In addition, he is playing a key role in the steering and governance of the complete change programme, which is run on an agile basis. This IT programme must achieve benchmark costing, increases in efficiency and effectiveness along with the implementation of agile methodology.

Our client has selected the right man to achieve the programme’s objectives. Thank you, Philip, for your dedication and engagement.


An important financial services client is in the process of technically integrating an acquired company. Post-deal, operating under a Transition Service Agreement (TSA) that ensures no business disruption, our client is running a strategic program to transition the IT-services from the acquired company into its own internal operations. Peter Didi Anderegg has taken on a key role as Senior Business Analyst to ensure that two essential work streams, “Core Applications” and “Electronic Archive”, are transitioned on time and without quality being impacted.

Sincere thanks, Peter, for your high level of engagement, enabling the delivery of key projects.


Evolving DevOps to DevSecOps is always a challenging subject, in particular if your field of operation is the highly regulated financial services industry. Business needs, compliance aspects, culture and the usual limiting factors of time and resources need to be balanced in order to achieve beneficial results. Our client in the financial industry relies on the experiences and skills of ADP to progress in this area.
Harald Bader, Partner and Senior Consultant of ADP is in charge for this ambitious project.
Sincere thanks, Harald, for your high level of engagement, enabling the delivery of key projects.


One of our Swiss Financial Services customers is leveraging the experience and skills of ADP in order to identify qualify opportunities in IT Management and Innovation. It goes without saying that we follow through and also implement the corresponding changes. Many facets need to be first evaluated and then applied, from technical components through to TCO, and from vendor selection through to risk and compliance. The ADP partner Thomas Norgate represents ADP in this matter.

Thank you, Thomas, for your dedicated engagement in this project.


It was five months ago that our client approached us to improve the intricate quality control processes used in laboratories around the world. Since then Jan Büetiger has successfully designed an operational and data management concept to address these challenges. Carefully aligning technology, stakeholders and resources, Jan’s concept enables a much improved end-user experience for lab operators, and reduces complexity in daily quality control routines. This was done with obvious enthusiasm and conviction on Jan’s part, and he instilled the same in our client.

Thank you Jan, for resolving yet another consulting challenge and for completing with success.


From the ADP project diary, starring the mesmerizing Richard Ginnow.




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